Open Weekdays: 7:30am - 6pm

Ages 6mo - 5yrs

Mission Statement

The Bellevue Day Care Center (“BDCC”) is committed to providing high-quality programs within a safe, nurturing and supportive environment. It is dedicated to the achievement of developmental milestones in the cognitive, physical, social and emotional growth of Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers. The Bellevue Day Care Center’s tradition of close collaboration with Bellevue Hospital Center, along with City and State agencies, guides the center’s commitment to excellence in providing accessible and affordable education to children of the employees of Bellevue Hospital, the neighboring community, and families in the City of New York.


BDCC uses High/Scope teaching practices in our programs, encouraging adult-child interaction, where teachers and children are active partners in the learning process. This balanced approach — also called "intentional teaching" — is critical to the effectiveness of our program. It includes techniques for encouraging learning in specific content areas as well as strategies for helping children resolve conflict. The space and materials are carefully arranged to promote active learning. The center is divided into interest areas organized around specific kinds of play; for example, block area, house area, small toy area, book area, sand-and-water area, and art area.

The curriculum is built around teacher- and child-initiated learning activities in five main curriculum content areas: approaches to learning; language, literacy, & communication; social and emotional development; physical development, health, and well being; and arts and sciences. Within these areas are 58 key developmental indicators (formerly called "key experiences"), which are observable early childhood milestones that guide teachers as they plan learning experiences and interact with children.

The staff and children come from all parts of the world. Diverse cultures and different languages blend into one world as children interact, work, and learn with other children and adults.

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